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packed towers suppliers
Product Introduction
The column is a kind of equipment with cylinder welding structure, which is consist of cylinder, head and bearing. It is non-standard equipment designed and manufactured specifically for a certain craft, mainly used for distillation, refining, absorption, rectification of chemical unit operations. It is widely used in mass and heat transfer in the phase of “gas – liquid” and “liquid – liquid”.
According to the column internals’ structure, the column could be classified as taco plate tower and packed tower. According to the application, the column could be classified as rectification, absorption, desorption and extraction columns, etc.
Product Details
Petrochemical towers include Pressure Vessel, tower equipment, stoage tank, heat exchanger, reactor, seperator etc.
The material include different kinds of stainless steel and carbon steel.
The pressure range is from 1MPa upto Client's Requirement.
The standard can be ASME and GB. ASME U stamp and U2 stamp is available.
The drawing can be designed by ourselves or as per customer design.
 packed towers suppliers

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