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a while. For m
But other than those differences, school for me usually ended around the same time that the public schools let out. And I did what most kids did after school — hung with my friends, played basketball, watched Adidas NMD Womens TV, that kind of stuff.
One thing that made it a little difficult, though, was how often my family had to move. For as long as I can remember, my dad has worked as a commodities trader, Adidas NMD Femme which required our family to move a lot. I was born in Texas, but when I was really Nike Air Huarache Femme young, we moved to Oklahoma. Then to Ohio. Then back to Texas. Just recently my parents moved again — hopefully their last stop for a while. For me and my younger Nike Air Vapormax Dames brother and two younger sisters, it ere are a lot of myths about basketball players from New York, but there’s one I want to bust right off the jump.
They say the only thing New Yorkers know how to do is dribble.
I get it. When people look back, Adidas Superstar Femme they think of Kenny Anderson, Stephon Marbury and Sebastian Telfair, the guys that had the ball on a string.
But that’s not all New York kids can do anymore. We Nike Air Huarache Womens can shoot, we can get to the rim anytime we want. We don’t get enough credit for that evolution. A lot of times, when I was playing high school or AAU ball, people would sag off me ’cause they thought Nike Air Max 90 Femme RoseI was this New York kid who couldn’t hit an open jump shot. (Bad idea.Nike Air Max Zero Femme  I went on to tie the career record for three-pointers made at Cincinnati.)sort of felt like we could never get settled. And it’s one of the reasons we were homeschooled — Adidas Superstar Homme my parents saw it as the best way to maintain the consistency of our educations. Which is why I valued — and still value — the close relationships I have with my friends and family. When you move around a bunch, you need a tight inner circle of people Nike Air Max 95 Femme you can rely on. By the grace of God, I’m lucky to have that.
When Coach Williams visited me and my parents, I talked with him about the things Nike Air Huarache Dames that were important to me.
But probably not for the same reasons.

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